The RapidStart Success Path

Where the Journey Starts

The triggers for change are as varied as the organizations that know change is needed.

A Startup growing faster than spreadsheets can keep up with.

An established business struggling with user adoption.

A non-profit trying to maximize results with limited funds.

A technology company wanting to push the limits further.

An organization feeling that their ROI is too low due to high cost of software.

RapidStart CRM Free

A little time is all it costs to explore.

Our Flagship App is absolutely free.

See what a Simple Foundation looks like for yourself.

RapidStart CRM Plus

RapidStart CRM Free may meet your needs but about half of those that start their Journey opt for more. RapidStart CRM Plus opens the door to unlimited possibilities by unlocking the ability to customize everything and use addons for only $5/user/month.

Addons & Extensions

With RapidStart CRM Plus you can explore Addons and Extensions.

Some from our team and some from other providers.

Some are free and some are low-cost.

Light Customization

With RapidStart CRM Plus you can customize your apps or addons.

Make RapidStart fit your business exactly, without compromise.

This can be easily done using the low-code capabilities of Microsoft’s Power Platform.

Advanced Customization

In the hands of our Parent company, Forceworks Global, RapidStart CRM Plus transforms into a powerful rapid-development platform.

For advanced sales or service scenarios, or unique requirements for your organization spanning well beyond Sales or Service.

This is why we say you can’t outgrow your RapidStart!

Maintain and Optimize

Much like the evolution of your business, your “Journey” never ends.

In addition to ensuring users are supported and maximizing your ROI, new requirements and opportunities to further enhance your operations surface continuously.

Explore how to take the most advantage with predictable costs.

Start Your Journey

As you can see, RapidStart CRM is easy to start using, but it can go very far indeed.

Over 100,000 users are on this very Journey right now.

Get started with the number one app on Microsoft’s AppSource¬†today!

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