The Original RapidStartCRM

simple Company, Contact, opportunity

and case management

Our Original “Starter” accelerator application is a great place to begin your Microsoft Power Platform journey.

No More Spreadsheets!

Completely customizable and upgradable so you can never outgrow RapidStartCRM.

And now completely Free!

A 10 Minute overview Video

Lowest Cost Possible

RapidStartCRM runs on the lowest cost Microsoft license that is available for Business Applications, the “Power Apps Per App Pass“… it’s only $10/user/month from Microsoft or your partner.

Exclusive Features

RapidStartCRM includes exclusive features like our Quick Launch Buttons for “one-click” record creation, Full Documentation Dashboard, and our How2 Integrated Video training toolset!

Easiest Solution Available

RapidStartCRM is the simplest CRM solution on the Microsoft Stack, bar none! Purpose built with feedback from thousands of users. You can be up and running in hours.


Extend with Low Cost Addons

Do you need to manage Projects, large or small, or Manage Field Technician Schedules? These capabilities can be added to RapidStartCRM from as low as $10/user/month.

Fully Customizable

RapidStartCRM is completely “unlocked” for further customization by you, your partner, or with our help. It’s the only CRM “Accelerator” you need, you can never “outgrow” RapidStartCRM.


RapidStartCRM is easy to use, but if you do get stuck, Free Forum Support is included. We also offer Managed Services, or advanced support options at reasonable costs.

Languages Available

RapidStartCRM, originally developed in the English language, is now available in 12 additional languages

German (Deutsch)
Russian (Pусский)
French (Français)

We owe a special thanks to our translation reviewers:
Salim Amadon (French), Marco Amoedo & Demian Raschkovan (Spanish), Marius Agur (Norwegian),
Jukka Niiranen (Finnish), Vlad Sarov (Russian), Thomas Peschat (German), Carina M Claesson (Swedish), Guido Preite (Italian),
Mohamed Mostafa (Arabic)
Victor Dantas (Portuguese), Gerben Kessen (Dutch)

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