The Next Evolution of RapidStart CRM is Coming!

RapidStart CRM, sendpost, sticky

The Next Evolution of RapidStart CRM is Coming!

RapidStart CRM, sendpost, sticky

Let’s Start with a Thank You

When we first launched RapidStart CRM in 2015 at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, we thought we were on to something. A simple-to-use alternative to Microsoft’s enterprise-level CRM options. Now, almost 8 years, and over 100,000 users later, it seems we were correct. Before I talk about the future, I wanted to say “Thank you” to those who have supported us up to now.


Nothing that was created in 2015 could survive and continue in its current form, and RapidStart CRM is no exception. Over the years, we have had to refactor to respond to changing technologies. We have done this a few times; the largest one was when we moved off of Dynamics 365 and onto the Power Platform. Each time the goal of our core mission of simple-to-use has been the guiding principle. The time has come for another significant reset.

Why Change?

We know from our feedback that we have created a great app that meets the criteria we set out. We have released over 100 updates since we began. The biggest challenge has always been backward compatibility. Over time this creates limitations and adds complexity, and requires artifacts to be left behind. Some of our architectural decisions of the past are different than what we would do today. Some of the newer technologies are incompatible with our backward-compatible efforts, meaning our App is not as cutting-edge as it once was.

The Trigger

The biggest change in technology ever is occurring right now with Artificial Intelligence. The current version of RapidStart CRM is not as “AI Ready” as we feel it needs to be in order to remain relevant to our target users.

What is Changing?

Most of the changes are occurring “under the hood”. Refinements to architecture, preparations for the future, and general cleaning of the closet of legacy components. The goals and purpose will remain unchanged, and even the UI will be changed very little. If it ain’t broke…

Unfortunately, these changes mean that current users will not be able to upgrade previous versions to the new one that is coming. Moving to the new version will require a migration effort. But don’t worry; you are still free to continue to use your current version of RapidStart CRM indefinitely.

Model Shift

We are also moving RapidStart CRM from a completely free model to a freemium model with the next version. What does that mean? Previous versions of RapidStart CRM have always been completely customizable, and about a third of our users have performed customizations. Some with our help, some with other partners, and some on their own. The latter two scenarios have created challenges for us around support. For a free app, it is difficult to provide adequate support since there is no revenue associated to pay for it. So the next free version of RapidStart CRM will be non-customizable. If history is any measure, this will not be an issue for about 2/3 of our future users. For the third that would like to customize, we will be introducing RapidStart CRM Plus, a fully customizable version for a low per-user cost.

Again, you are free to continue to use your current version of RapidStart CRM indefinitely at no cost.

Things are Moving Fast

I have been involved with software for over four decades. In the early days, things moved relatively slowly, but the acceleration has continued to ramp up to where today it is literally going straight up at incredible speed. RapidStart CRM also has to move straight up and faster than it has had to in the past. We intend to meet that challenge.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Steve Mordue CEO

RapidStart CRM is built on Microsoft’s Dataverse, the foundation of the Power Platform and Dynamics 365. This means that our free RapidStart CRM is just as customizable as any of Microsoft’s first-party applications, like Dynamics 365 Sales, for example. We designed RapidStart CRM as a basic Sales and Service app “accelerator”. While it is a fully functioning app, it is the starting point for much more for many. Get or Test Drive RapidStart CRM on Microsoft’s AppSource here.

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