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While we built our Apps and Addons with our “RapidStart” philosophy of keeping things simple, sometimes you want something more. You may want to take advantage of a broad range of addons and support to get what you need.

This is why we made RapidStart CRM completely unlocked and customizable.

Built on the Power Platform, the potential capabilities of RapidStart CRM are limited only by imagination and skill. You can do it yourself, but if extending or supporting RapidStart is not something you are comfortable with, we have you covered with multiple levels of RapidStart CRM help and Dynamics 365 support options.

We offer:

  • CRM support services for Power Platform.
  • CRM help for your Power Apps.
  • CRM support options for Dynamics 365 integrations.
  • And, of course, support for our CRM Power Platform solution RapidStart CRM.
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Support Options for RapidStart CRM

Whether you have an occasional question
or want to build a highly sophisticated RapidStart CRM solution using all of the Microsoft Power Platform capabilities,
we have an option for you.

RapidStart Free Forum

Our free support option is our RapidStart CRM User Forum


This is our one-time service to launch RapidStart CRM for you.


This is our Advanced Sales Pipeline Managed Service.

Advanced Support Options from Forceworks Global

CRM support for RapidStart CRM or Dynamics 365 can get complicated. You won’t find any firm more qualified for Advanced Support of RapidStart CRM than the “Creators” of RapidStart CRM.

Not sure which option best meets your needs? Contact Us!

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