Free Contact Form Addon

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Your website visitors want to reach you!

A “Contact” form is critical for any business website, and you probably already have one. But where do those inquiries go? Your email, where they are easily missed?

This Super-Simple Addon brings web contact form submittals straight into RapidStart CRM as Prospects, where you and your team can start engaging immediately. You can even engage with them automatically! 

Designed for small to mid-sized organizations.
This Addon can be up-and-running in less than an hour.

The best part… it’s 100% free!

No More Spreadsheets!

Completely customizable and upgradable so you can never outgrow RapidStart CRM.

product Example

Overview of the Web Contact Form Addon

On the left below is the raw form generated from your RapidStart CRM Contact Form Configuration. On the right is a “real” example of this same form displayed on here on this web page. You’ll notice our web developer added a “Contact Us!” title, and orange background color and made the form a little wider. This is simple to do, requiring very basic web skills. Feel free to test the form on the right below (Entries here don’t go anywhere). Note: We followed the prevailing wisdom of “Less is More” on an Initial Contact form and the fields are not editable.

Contact Us!

video overview

Learn about RapidStart CRM Contact Forms in about 3.5 minutes

product DETAILS

Web Contact Form Addon Screen Shots

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60-Second Configuration in RapidStart Settings

Inquiry Details on Prospect Form in RapidStart CRM

Web Contact Form Prospects in RapidStart CRM

Web Prospects Dashboard in RapidStart CRM

web contact form faq

Still have questions?

Will this work on any website?

It should. We use iframe technology to display the forms, it would be highly unusual if you were not able to display an iframe on any website today. Check with your website provider for their steps.

How many forms can I make?

You can make as many forms as you want. When submissions come into RapidStart CRM it will show which from the Prospect used. So, you could have a “mainform” for your Contact Page, and an “altform” on some special page, to see how many Propects came from your special page.

Can I customize the form fields?

You cannot modify the fields. This form is shared by all customers and hosted on our Azure back-end to eliminate any capacity usage for you.

Where is the data stored?

All submissions of forms for all customers go into an Azure table on our tenant. Each submission record contains the form name, company name, and organization ID. As you collect your submissons, they are deleted from this database. 

Can I deactivate the Flow and just collect submissions manually?

Yes. By default the Power Automate Flow collects submissions once per day. The Flow is on your environment so you can easliy change the time interval, or deactivate it. The Flow’s only job is triggering collection.

Can I use this without RapidStart CRM?

This is specifically designed to create “Prospects” in our RapidStart CRM app. It has no value outside of that.

100% Free

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