RapidStart CRM Time Sheets Addon launched

Time Sheets

Many RapidStartCRM Users have asked over the years for an easy way to track the time their users spend on Customers. We saw an opportunity to help our users who need to be able to track time spent on records like Accounts, Contacts, Cases and Opportunities. Introducing the RapidStartCRM Time Sheets Addon, a low-cost solution. Let’s take a quick look at it.

Two New Apps

This addon solution adds a new Time Sheet Manager app and a Mobile Time Entry app for users. We’ll look at the Time Sheet Manager app first:

Time Sheets Dashboard

It starts with a new Dashboard. In addition, there are new tables Time Sheets and Time Entries:

ts4 1

Associated to Time Sheets are Time Entries. Time Entries can be created by users from either a Time Sheet, or any record in RapidStart CRM, as well as from our new Time Sheets Mobile App:

Time Sheets Mobile App

Time Sheet managers can export Time Sheets for use in Payroll systems, or Time Entries for use in Billing Systems.



Like everything RapidStartCRM, this is a professionally built addon. We have priced this app at $5/PUPM, which is less than any other Time Sheets style apps we could find. This addon is also fully customizable should you wish to add time tracking to custom tables for example. You can take a Test Drive or add this as a free trial to your RapidStartCRM from Appsource here. You can also find more information about this addon here.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the Free Support Forum.

If you need help setting this up, consider a RapidLAUNCH or contact Forceworks.

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