RapidStartCRM Release Notes



New Features
  • Added two new Focused versions of the RapidStartCRM App, one for Sales-Only users, hiding Service components, and one for Service-Only users, hiding Sales components. Our already simple-to-use app just got even simpler for these focused users.
  • Added a new capability to track Competition on Opportunities so you can see who you are up against and their historical strength against you.
  • Added new Tips and Alerts around the UI.
  • Minor Updates to Sales Dashboards for new Competitor capability.
  • Added two new Security roles, one for each of the new “focused” apps.
  • Updated Sitemap to hide Advanced Settings area from non-System Admins. Previously users could not change anything, but they could see settings that are not relevant to them. 
  • Added ability to create Cases and Opportunities from their respective views as opposed to only via Account or Contact Record tabs (the latter still being the recommended method).
  • Minor performance improvements, removal of orphaned items.
Bug Fixes

None reported, still bug free :)