RapidStartCRM and Microsoft Partners

We have always had partner resellers of RapidStartCRM, but with our recent decision to make RapidStartCRM free, a lot of new partners are exploring it. This is fine by us.

How to Use RapidStartCRM with your Customers

Part of our strategy in making RapidStartCRM free, was that customers who discovered it, and were looking for customization assistance, would be inclined to reach out to us. But that is not a requirement, in fact many partners are now using RapidStartCRM with their customers, and working with them to customize it to meet their needs. If you would like to explore that, you will probably want to hide our in-app upsell/Cross Sell messaging, which is easy to do.

After you have installed RapidStartCRM on your customer’s environment, but before you make it available to your customer, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Maker portal (https://make.powerapps.com).
  2. Select the environment.
  3. In the App Designer, for RapidStartCRM App, uncheck the Welcome page which will prevent the Welcome page appearing on first launch.
  4. In the App Designer, for each of the RapidStart apps, remove the Documentation dashboard, by unchecking it.
  5. Republish the apps.

Note: This will hide our messaging, but also means that our User Documentation will no longer be visible to your customers.

We have been asked a lot lately if we have a Partner Program. Since RapidStartCRM is now free, there really is no point in a “partner program”. However we do work with partners who are looking to engage our team for customizations and other assistance with their customers.

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