RapidStart CRM and Microsoft Partners

We have always had partners offering RapidStart CRM, but since we made RapidStart $5, a lot of new partners are exploring it to create new business for themselves. This is fine by us.

How to Use RapidStart CRM with your Customers

Part of our strategy in making RapidStart CRM $5, was that customers who discovered it, and were looking for customization assistance, would be inclined to reach out for help from us. But that is not a requirement, in fact many partners are now using RapidStart CRM with their customers, and working with them directly to customize RapidStart CRM to meet their needs. If you would like to explore that, you will probably want to intercept our Cross Sell messaging campaign, which is easy to do.

The “user” who logs in and installs RapidStart CRM from AppSource will be automatically added to an email campaign that we manage. The vast majority of installations are from customers themselves. So simply install it from a user account your customer created for you. Then You will then receive these messages, and can edit and forward them on to your customer if you like, or just disregard.

We have been asked a lot lately if we have a “Partner Program”. Since RapidStart CRM is only $5, anyone can install it, so there really is no point in a “partner program”. However we do work with many partners who are looking to engage our with team for customizations and other assistance with their customers.

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