RapidLaunch RapidStartCRM!

Love the idea of rapidstartcrm, but don’t want to deal with setting it up?

We have you covered with our RapidLaunch for RapidstartCRM Setup Service!
For only $999 USD, you can be up-and-running in a day.

RapidLaunch Setup Service for RapidStartCRM


What's Included?

We launched this setup service for those who “just want it done”, quickly and inexpensively, so that you can start using RapidStartCRM right away.

  • Initial Call with Client to discuss goals
  • Perform License check
  • Obtain Environment Access
  • Provision Customer’s Environment
  • Install Original RapidStartCRM
  • Provide User Access
  • Provide “Getting Started” resources
  • Only $999 USD, no further commitment

What's Not Included

Basically, if it is not listed on the left, it’s not included in this particular service offer. But here are some explicitly excluded items to be crystal clear.

  • Any Customization
  • Data Import
  • Calls (other than initial call)
  • Required Microsoft licenses

We can also provide any of these, or other services with our “Blocks” model, click Here to learn more.

Buy this Service, and Book Requirements Call

Call will be held via Microsoft Teams