Field Service CRM

for RapidStart CRM

simple FIELD SERVICE management

Is Dynamics 365 for Field Service Automation too big for you?
Is your current solution not “connected” or keeping up?
Are you trying to manage field teams with Outlook?
We built our Field Service Addon with our “RapidStart” philosophy of keeping things simple.

We designed this for small to mid-sized Field Technician Teams,
for Commercial or Residential Repair Services, Home Health, Simple Projects, etc.

No More Spreadsheets!

Completely customizable and upgradable so you can never outgrow RapidStart CRM.

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video overview

Learn about RapidStart CRM Field Service in about 10 minutes

product diagram

Overview of the Product Flow

Overview of the Product Flow at RapidStart CRM


Field Service Addon Screen Shots

Field Service Dashboards

Technicians Appointment Calendar

New Work Order Form

One-Click Work Order Creation


RapidStart CRM Field Service for Industries




Home Health


Garage Door

Pest Control

Lawn Service

Carpet Cleaning

Many More

HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Home Health, Appliance, Garage Door, Pest Control, Lawn Service, Carpet Cleaning and Many More.

field service faq

Still have questions?


How many Technicians can this support?

In designing and building this solution we had the number 20 in our minds, but there is no technical limit on how many Technicians you can have. If you had 5,000 technicians, the app could be customized to better accomodate that scale.

Does the Mobile App work Offline?

By default, no, but possible.

The solution includes several real-time customer notifications as the Technician updates their status on the mobile app, like “I’m on my way”, “I’m running late”, etc. In offline mode, these notifications would get queued up on the device and then sent all at once when the app is back online which would not be a good customer experience.

If offline capability is more important to you than real-time customer notifications, some customization work would be required.

Will this track Technician time?

Time stamps are created whenever the Technician updates their status on an Appointment on the mobile app. For example, a time stamp is created when the Technician updates their status on the Appointment to “Arrived”, and another one is created when they update thier status to “Completed”. The difference is their time spent on site.

How is this licensed?

This Addon adds two new Security roles to your RapidStart CRM Environment, “Dispatcher” and “Technician”. Licensing is only required for users with either of these roles. There is a minimum quantity of 5 licenses.

Is there an additional cost for the Mobile App?

No, both the desktop capabilities and the Mobile app are included in the low monthly user cost.

Can we cancel if this does not meet our needs?

You can cancel anytime, simply let us know and remove the solution from your environment.

Does this require Dynamics 365 Field Service?

No. This is our Field Service Application, built on Power Apps and it is independent of Dynamics 365.

Only $10/PUPM
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This RapidStart CRM Addon is a complete solution that includes our free RapidStart CRM app.
If you already have RapidStart CRM, installing this app will update your RapidStart CRM app to the latest version.