RapidStart CRM Updating/Upgrading

What has changed?

Several years ago, we made the decision to make our RapidStart CRM application free. Since then, our user base has exploded to well over 100,000. We also made the decision that it would be completely unlocked and customizable so that capable people could perform basic customization themselves. Unfortunately, this also allowed for non-capable people to make customizations, frequently leading to issues.

We have done our best to support these users, but for a free app, this is not a sustainable model. In addition, we are fearful of potential negative reviews of our products due to incorrectly performed customizations.

Starting May 1, 2023, we pivoted to a Freemium model, meaning there will continue to be a free version of RapidStart CRM; however, it will no longer be customizable. Also, all of our addons are being modernized and will no longer be upgradable.

We have also introduced RapidStart CRM Plus, a new unlocked version of the same app at a low per-user cost. This will allow us to continue to provide basic support to customizers.

As a part of this shift, we are also taking this opportunity to modernize some things that have been included in our app since its launch in 2015 and shed unused artifacts to better prepare for the AI-driven capabilities that are coming to all apps.

What does this mean if you are on an older version?

After May 1st, 2023 older versions of all apps and addons will no longer be upgradable. They will remain fully functional as they have for the last eight years, but updates will no longer be made. In order to continue to advance RapidStart CRM, a line had to be drawn in the sand.

Moving forward with the new version will require a migration project for existing users. We will be developing some reasonably priced Migration options as well as documentation on how to perform migrations yourself.

Future versions of RapidStart CRM apps and Addons will incorporate AI capabilities that are currently in the planning and design stages.

If you have any questions feel free to Contact Us.