RapidStart CRM Pricing

Our favorite topic here at RapidStart CRM is “Pricing”. Why? Because our pricing model can’t be beat. A robust, customizable and extendable CRM built on the Microsoft cloud platform for as low as $5 Per User Per Month.

Here we will break down, in excruciating detail, any and all costs that you may encounter to use RapidStart CRM.

Microsoft Costs (Required)

RapidStart CRM runs on “full” Power Apps licenses from Microsoft. If you have Microsoft 365 licenses you may have noticed that a “light” Power Apps feature is part of that which does not offer access to a Dataverse database which RapidStart CRM requires. For RapidStart CRM, you will need “full” Power Apps licenses which come in three flavors: “Per App”, “Per User”, or “Pay-as-you-Go”. You can use either or a combination.

Power Apps Per App Plan (Subscription)

This is the lowest-cost license that RapidStart CRM can run on. It is $5 USD Per User Per Month. This license will allow a user to access and fully use a single application, Like RapidStart CRM Sales, for example. Allocating these licenses requires some additional effort, but if you have many single application users the effort may make sense. These licenses include 50 MB each of database capacity pooled at the tenant level.

Power Apps Per User Plan (Subscription)

This is the most flexible license and easiest to maintain. It is $20 USD Per User Per Month. This license will allow a user access to unlimited apps, including non-RapidStart CRM apps that you may have or build for other purposes. Assigning these licenses is done in the same way that Microsoft 365 licenses are assigned so maintaining them is easier. These licenses also include 250 MB each of database capacity pooled at the tenant level.

Power Apps Per App Plan (Pay-as-you-Go)

This is the most complex licensing to set up and maintain, however, if you have a large number of intermittent users, like seasonal users, it could make sense. The cost is $10 per month for each user that logs in during a month. If no one logs in there is no cost. This license will allow a user to access and fully use a single application, If the user accesses other applications, you will be charged $10 each. This requires an Azure account and several setup steps.

Our Recommendations

Optimized for Lowest Cost, we recommend a single Per User license, plus as many Per App licenses as you have additional users. Example: 15 users would cost $90 USD/Month.

Optimized for Simplicity. We recommend Per User licenses for all users. Example: 15 users would cost $300 USD/Month.

This is a small, but unavoidable cost. We make nothing on these licenses, and you would purchase them directly from Microsoft or your Microsoft Partner.

Link to Microsoft’s Power Apps Pricing Page

RapidStart CRM Cost

The cost for our core RapidStart CRM Application is absolutely zero and always will be.

Our Free Addons (Optional)

We have built and made available several Free Addons to extend RapidStart CRM with some handy capabilities. You can add these directly from Microsoft’s AppSource at no cost.

Our Low-Cost Addons (Optional)

We have also built and made available several advanced Addons that we offer at a low cost to add specific functionality that certain customers may want.

Addons from Others (Optional)

Since RapidStart CRM is built on Microsoft Power Platform, there are many Addons built by others, not related or supported by us, that also will work with RapidStart CRM. These can also be installed from Microsoft’s AppSource.

We have tested and curated a few here.

Services (Optional)

We have created a couple of packaged services for RapidStart CRM that we offer to those that are interested.

Advanced Services (Optional)

In case you were wondering how we make money, it is by providing our users with Services. Our services are not required, but many users seek expert assistance to take RapidStart CRM further.

Services are offered by the parent/developer of RapidStart CRM, Forceworks, a Microsoft Gold Partner and recognized Power Platform Expert Partner. RapidStart CRM and all Addons are clear examples of Forceworks’ Power Platform expertise.

Forceworks’ services models and pricing are also clear and simple and available at Forceworks’ Website.

Pricing Still not Clear? Contact Us!

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