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CSAT stands for Customer Satisfaction. It is critical to know how your customers or employees feel about your company or your people. How do you do that? Ask them!

Our CSAT¬†Addon was built with our “RapidStart” philosophy of keeping things simple.

Designed for small to mid-sized companies or enterprise departments like HR. You can manage all your CSAT needs with RapidStart CRM CSAT Addon.

No More Spreadsheets!

Completely customizable and upgradable so you can never outgrow RapidStart CRM.

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Learn about RapidStart CRM CSAT in about 8 minutes

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Overview of the CSAT Flow

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60-Second Configuration in RapidStart Settings

Unbranded Landing Page for adding Comment

Add to Email signature or Webpage

CSAT Dashboard in RapidStart CRM with Sentiment Analysis

CSAT faq

Still have questions?

Will this work on any email?

As long as the email has a html format, which most do, including Outlook.

Will this work on a web page?

The generated code is html, so yes you can place CSATs on web pages. Like on a Thank You page after someone completes an interaction for example.

Can I customize or use my own comments page?

This free app does not provide for that, but our team could certainly make that work for you. Check our Support Options.

How many CSATs can I make?

You can make as many CSATs as you want. When submissions come into RapidStart CRM it will show which CSAT was used. So, you could have a “sales” CSAT for your Sales Team, a “service” CSAT for your help desk, and “hr” for your HR Team, to see ratings for either.

Can I customize the embed?

If you are comfortable with html, you can edit the code. For example, you can change fonts, colors, or point to your own images. Just don’t break the links!

Where is the data stored?

All submissions of ratings and comments go into Azure tables on our tenant. Each submission record contains the CSAT name, your company name, and your organization ID. The response retrieval process is tied to your Organization ID. As your responses are collected, they are permanently deleted from this database.

Can I deactivate the Flow and just collect submissions manually?

Sure. By default, the Power Automate Flow collects responses once per day. However, this Flow is in your environment so you can easily change the time interval, or deactivate it. The Flow’s only job is triggering the collection of responses.

Can I use this without RapidStart CRM?

This is specifically designed to be used with our RapidStart apps and forms in our RapidStart CRM app. It has no value outside of that. But RapidStart CRM is also Free!

Do all of my users need a Microsoft License?

Nope. You could add this to every user’s email in the organization. Only RapidStart CRM users, who would be creating the CSATS or seeing the data need a license.

Is Sentiment analysis free?

Yes and No. You can start with a free 30-day trial from Microsoft. After that, you get 250 or 500 credits per user per month depending on your Power Apps license. If that is not enough credits, you can purchase AI Builder Capacity from Microsoft or just deactivate the Power Automate Flow. Comment Records will still be imported, but the sentiment field will be blank.

How does AI Builder Sentiment Analysis Work?

Sentiment Analysis is part of AI Builder and is powered by Azure AI. It can analyze up to 5,120 characters which is roughly 800 words. This is far more than what your commenters will provide.

It analyzes each sentence and gives it a sentiment score, then averages all the scores. Most commenters will not provide much more than a single sentence, so the score, positive, neutral, or negative should be quite accurate.

You can always read the actual comments directly, but if you have a high volume, this can help you zero in on issues.

What's Next?

We are planning to add the Net Promoter Score (NPS) model as a CSAT option in the future.

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