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The Case for a Simple CRM

Let’s face it, most CRM systems are either really complex, or too basic to provide any real value.

RapidStartCRM Time Sheets Addon launched

The ability to easily track time spent on customers is a frequent request. Introducing the RapidStartCRM Time Sheets Addon.

Building a RapidStartCRM Addon

How to build a RapidStartCRM addon and publish it to our fast growing user base.

Add RapidStartCRM to Microsoft Teams

Add RapidStartCRM to Microsoft Teams in 5 minutes

Free RapidStartCRM Competition Addon launched

For many companies, competition is a way of life. Every opportunity has competitors vying for it.

The New RapidStartCRM is Now Available!

The New RapidStartCRM is tighter, faster and simpler than ever.

RapidStartCRM Setup for Pay as You Go

Microsoft recently introduced a Pay as You Go plan for Power Apps. RapidStartCRM just so happens to be a “Power App” so you can take advantage of this model if it fits your needs.

Clearing the Mountain for Microsoft Business Applications ISVs

There is a mountain between many ISVs and their potential customers. It is not new… it has been there for a long time, but recently Microsoft created a tunnel under it.

Microsoft Partners running on RapidStartCRM

A growing segment of RapidStartCRM users are actually Microsoft Partners (and one of the top three global distributors).

Using Low-Cost Per App Passes with RapidStartCRM

Some time ago Microsoft released a new low-cost “license” type called the Power Apps Per App Pass.

Using Power Automate with RapidStartCRM (Part 2)

Build a Power Automate flow for RapidStartCRM using a pre-built template.