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The Case for a Simple CRM

Let’s face it, most CRM systems are either really complex, or too basic to provide any real value.

Clearing the Mountain for Microsoft Business Applications ISVs

There is a mountain between many ISVs and their potential customers. It is not new… it has been there for a long time, but recently Microsoft created a tunnel under it.

Microsoft Partners running on RapidStartCRM

A growing segment of RapidStartCRM users are actually Microsoft Partners (and one of the top three global distributors).

Using Low-Cost Per App Passes with RapidStartCRM

Some time ago Microsoft released a new low-cost “license” type called the Power Apps Per App Pass.

Using Power Automate with RapidStartCRM (Part 2)

Build a Power Automate flow for RapidStartCRM using a pre-built template.

Using Power Automate with RapidStartCRM (Part 1)

Create a Power Automate flow for RapidStartCRM from scratch

Create a Contact Form on your Website

Most websites have a “Contact Us” form. How would you like to have that form submit directly into RapidStartCRM as a Prospect?

RapidStartCRM and Microsoft Partners

We have always had partner resellers of RapidStartCRM, but with our recent decision to make RapidStartCRM free, a lot of new partners are exploring it. This is fine by us.

Nobody ever got fired for choosing Power Apps

Back in the 70’s and 80’s there was a saying that went something like, “Nobody ever got fired for choosing IBM”.

There is no App for That

When it comes to Business Applications, Microsoft has a lot of options for you. If you are running a sophisticated Sales organization, they have an app for that.

Infecting Enterprise with RapidStartCRM

The fastest growing customer segment for RapidStartCRM is large Enterprise customers. This is great news for us, Microsoft and those customers.