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Higher Opportunity Close Rates… Guaranteed!

There is no other offer available anywhere that even attempts to accomplish what Rapid SALES offers… much less executed on a Success Fee model.

No Growth… No Fees!

What is Rapid SALES ?

Rapid SALES is a combination of Consulting, I.P., and ongoing Monitoring and Optimization of your sales pipeline that starts at your website and continues through to the Closing of an Opportunity. We become “literally” Partners in your Sales Success!

You may have heard terms like “Sales Force Automation”, which refers to various tools and processes that can be leveraged. The knowledge, understanding, and experience required to deploy and optimize these tools and processes to accomplish their promise are often glossed over.

The skills are part Technical, part Science, and part Art. Consider us “Technical Scientific Artists” aiming our over 100 years of combined experience at one goal… Increasing Your Sales.

If you are responsible for Sales in your organization, your inbox is full of offers to grow your sales. Appointment Setting, Outbound Calling, Target Lists, SEO, etc. None of these ties their Execution fees to any form of Success. Instead, you pay for the ongoing effort, regardless of the outcome.

Rapid SALES is comprised of two components:



There is no “one-size fits all” solution, and the Analysis step is about developing your “Blueprint”.

Our expert team will dive deep into your existing sales processes, including:

  • Understanding your Products/Services
  • Understanding your Sales Channels
  • Review all the tools you may be using
  • Establish a Closed Opportunity Baseline

Based on the above analysis, we will develop and present our comprehensive Blueprint for your “specific” Sales Success.

This process generally takes about a month, and there is a one-time cost for this step. If you decide, you can take the Blueprint and execute it yourself.

Or you can engage in Step 2.



The Execution Step is where we implement, maintain, monitor, and optimize “The Blueprint” towards the singular goal of increasing your Opportunity Closing rate.

A Dedicated Success Manager will oversee the Deployment of your Blueprint, including:

  • Installation of any I.P.
  • Configuration of environment.
  • Configuration of any External Services
  • Continuously Monitor and Optimize the results.

It generally takes about 30 days to implement the Blueprint and another 30 days to see results.

The monthly cost for the Execution step is a percentage of the value of Closed Opportunities above the Baseline.

We only earn if your Sales increase!

Rapid SALES is only available to users of our Free RapidStart CRM app

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