Free RapidStart CRM Competition Addon launched

RapidStart CRM

Free RapidStart CRM Competition Addon launched

RapidStart CRM


For many companies, competition is a way of life. Every opportunity has competitors vying for it. In response to a few requests, we saw an opportunity to help our users who deal with competitors on a regular basis. Introducing the RapidStartCRM Competitors Addon, a free solution. Let’s take a quick look at it.


This addon solution adds new capabilities to your opportunities, allowing you to associate and track known competitors. You can see some of these capabilities on the Opportunity form below:

It starts with a new Quick Step button, and a Competition Tab added the RapidStart Opportunity form in both the RapidStart CRM and RapidStart CRM Sales apps.

On the new Competition Tab we have added several things. Including the ability for you to connect competitors, see all connected competitors, and track who you may have lost to.


This addon includes a new visible table called Competitors which has been added to the Navigation.

Here you can drill down to a particular competitor to learn more about their history against you. Including how many active opportunities your team is aware of that they are currently engaged in, how many times you lost to them, and what the total value lost was.


We finish this addon off with a dashboard giving you some high level metrics.

This Dashboard focuses on the “Top Fives”. Opportunities with the most competition, Competitors engaged in the most opportunities, Most successful competitors by opportunity count and most successful competitors by opportunity value.


Like everything RapidStartCRM, this is a professionally-built free addon. While this might seem like a lot for free… RapidStartCRM itself is a lot for free! This addon is also fully customizable should you wish to add more information to your Competitors record for example. You can take a Test Drive or add this to your RapidStartCRM from Appsource here.

If you have any questions feel free to post them in the Free Support Forum.

If you need help setting this up, contact Forceworks.

RapidStart CRM is built on Microsoft’s Dataverse, the foundation of the Power Platform and Dynamics 365. This means that our free RapidStart CRM is just as customizable as any of Microsoft’s first-party applications, like Dynamics 365 Sales, for example. We designed RapidStart CRM as a basic Sales and Service app “accelerator”. While it is a fully functioning app, it is the starting point for much more for many. Get or Test Drive RapidStart CRM on Microsoft’s AppSource here.

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