Our goal is to build world-class addons for our RapidStartCRM flagship application. Our expert team spends countless hours designing and building our addons. We then spend countless hours testing them to make sure they work as intended… perfectly. Then the application is published to Microsoft’s AppSource.

Obviously, we would never publish an app that had known issues. But nothing is better than having real organizations use your apps and provide direct feedback. As a beta-tester we expect you to actually use the application regularly, and report back about any issues, confusion, missing features, translation errors, etc. on a regular basis. During the testing timeframe, we will be updating the app frequently as items are discovered and we would expect you to install these updates as they become available.

In exchange, we will grant “active” participants a non-transferable, non-resale, perpetual license for an unlimited number of your own internal users. 

The process:

1. Fill out the form below

2. Receive approval email from us to participate

3. Install the application from AppSource (You must have the prerequisite Microsoft Power Apps Licensing)

4. Use the application, preferably vigorously

5. Use the “Report Bugs” feature in the app to alert us of issues


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Do you currently have RapidStartCRM?(Required)
If not, it will be installed as part of the program
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Apps will be added and removed from this program as needed. We reserve the right to accept, reject or remove any participants at our sole discretion.